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      2. Telephone: +86-755-28173005
        Product categories
        + Terminal wire, wire harness
        + Electronic line
        + Company strength
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        Add: 401, Building C, No.95 Yuchang Road, Niuhu Community, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen
        Tel: 0755-28173005
        Fax: 0755-28173075
        E-mail: chxingcompany@163.net
        Contact: Ms.Zeng
        Mobile phone: 13410563146
        Web: http://www.florentin45.com

        Company profiles
        Shenzhen Weihuang Wire Co., Ltd Founded in 1999, located near Mission Hills Golf Course, Longhua District, covering more than 4,000 square feet. Is a collection development, production, sales as one of professional Electronic line, wiring harness connector, terminal connector production and processing enterprises....
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